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Why Desire brand was born?
The Desire Collection was brought about by Briana Watkins, ACS, who’s goal was to provide with a female-created product line that’s very upscale and classy in appearance and offers a refreshing look in the lubricant space.
This comprehensive collection provides solutions for fulfilling intimate desires and were created with the female body in mind. Swiss Navy’s research found that women now control 85 percent of consumer spending. The lubricants included in the Desire Collection are created in an FDA-regulated laboratory, for the highest quality and consistency available.

Why buy Desire brand?
Swiss Navy’s in-depth research found women, in particular, are more enthusiastic about the involvement in discussions about sexuality and do not hesitate in experimenting with sexual wellness products, particularly ones created to meet their specific needs. The Desire by Swiss Navy collection is unique with its specific development by women, for women!